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Greater than the sum

The power of synergy, where the collective effort is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are Abacus Group

The Strategic Advantage

The Abacus Group employs a practical approach, dividing our expertise into various departments to enhance execution, quality control, and resource allocation. To bolster our capabilities and cater to diverse client needs, we have expanded our divisions to include Abacus Development Company, Abacus Management Company, Abacus Construction Company, Abacus Real Estate Company, and Abacus Innovation Company, each focusing on their respective areas of expertise within the industry. Using this integrated approach, Abacus Group ensures customer satisfaction and encourages innovation. Additionally, our structure allows for scalability, ensuring that larger projects can be completed while maintaining efficient operations and high-quality standards. This expansion broadens our service offerings and reinforces our commitment to excellence across the board.

Our Divisions




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